International peer-reviewed journal publications

All publications below that report empirical experiments or studies have been preregistered and contain links to the data.

9 Key publications on Go Nogo training

Chen, Z., Holland, R.W., Quandt, J., Dijksterhuis, A., & Veling, H. (2019). When mere action versus inaction leads to robust preference change. Journal of Personality and Social Psychologypreregistration materials and data

Chen, Z., Veling, H., de Vries, S., Olde Bijvank, B., Janssen, I.M.C., Dijksterhuis, A.J. & Holland, R.W. (2018). Go/no-go training changes food evaluation in both morbidly obese and normal-weight individuals. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 86, 980-990. doi: 10.1037/ccp0000320. preregistration materials and data

Chen, Z., Veling, H., Dijksterhuis, A., Holland, R. W. (2016). How does not responding to appetitive stimuli lead to devaluation: Evaluative conditioning or response inhibition? Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 145, 1687-1701.  preregistration materials and data

Johannes, N., Buijzen, M., Veling, H. (2021). Beyond inhibitory control training: Inactions and actions influence smartphone app use through changes in explicit liking. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 150, 431–445. preregistration materials and data

Quandt, J., Holland, R. W., Chen, Z., & Veling, H. (2019). The role of attention in explaining the no-go devaluation effect: Effects on appetitive food items. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performancepreregistration materials and data

Stice, E., Lawrence, N. S., Kemps, E., & Veling, H. (2016). Training motor responses to food: A novel treatment for obesity targeting implicit processes. Clinical Psychology Review49, 16-27. pdf

Veling, H., Lawrence, N. S., Chen, Z., van Koningsbruggen, G. M., & Holland, R. W. (2017). What is trained during food go/no-go training? A review focusing on mechanisms and a research agenda. Current Addiction Reports, 4, 35-41. pdf

Veling, H., Chen, Z., Liu, H., Quandt, J., & Holland, R. W. (2020). Updating the p-curve analysis of Carbine and Larson with results from preregistered experiments. Health Psychology Review14(2), 215-219. paper including link to preregistration and data

Veling, H., Verpaalen, I. A., Liu, H., Mosannenzadeh, F., Becker, D., & Holland, R. W. (2021). How can food choice best be trained? Approach-avoidance versus go/no-go training. Appetite, 105226. paper including link to preregistration and data

4 recent publications not on Go Nogo training

Johannes, N., Meier, A., Reinecke, L., Ehlert, S., Setiawan, D. N., Walasek, N., … & Veling, H. (2021). The relationship between online vigilance and affective well-being in everyday life: Combining smartphone logging with experience sampling. Media Psychology, 24(5), 581-605. paper including link to preregistration and data

Quandt, J., Holland, R. W., Figner, B., & Veling, H. (in press). Confidence in evaluations and value-based decisions reflects variation in experienced values. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Generalpaper including link to preregistration and data

van Stekelenburg, A., Schaap, G., Veling, H., & Buijzen, M. (2021). Boosting understanding and identification of scientific consensus can help to correct false beliefs. Psychological Science, 32(10), 1549-1565 paper including link to preregistration and data

van Stekelenburg, A., Schaap, G., Veling, H., van ’t Riet, J.& Buijzen, M. (in press). Scientific consensus communication about contested science: A preregistered meta-analysis Psychological Science. paper including link to preregistration and data