Current research projects

Project Title: The role of reinforcement learning in shaping impression formation
Duration: 4 years
With: Tjits van Lent, Gijs Bijlstra, Rob W. Holland

Project Title: Testing the underlying mechanisms of go/no-go training
Duration: 3 years
With: Ted Liu, Jens Blechtert, Rob W. Holland

Project Title: Impact of the Risk Factory on safety behavior
Duration: 4 years
With: Rob Bulterman, Thijs Verwijmeren, Rob W. Holland & Risk Factory

Project Title: Translational neuroscience: Response training for obesity treatment
Duration: 5 years
With: Eric Stice, Sonja Yokum, Natalia Lawrence, Eva Kemps

Project Title: Working hard but not working out: Promoting physical exercise among workers in high strain jobs
Duration: 4 years
With: Sven van As, Debby Beckers, Sabine Geurts, Michiel Kompier

Project Title: Correcting false beliefs with science communication
Duration: 4 years
With: Aart van Stekelenburg, Gabi Schaap, Moniek Buijzen

Project title: Training impulsive food choice
Duration: 3 years
With: Michael Zoltak, Rob W. Holland

Completed research projects

Project title: Illusory body ownership and disembodiment during self-generated action in virtual reality and gaming
Duration: 4 years
With: Lieke Swinkels, Hein van Schie, Ap Dijksterhuis

Project Title: Smartphones on our minds
Duration: 4 years
With: Niklas Johannes, Moniek Buijzen

Project Title: To eat or not to eat: Changing reward value of food via go/no-go training
Duration: 4 years
With: Zhang Chen, Rob W. Holland, Ap Dijksterhuis

Project Title: Changing impulsive eating behavior induced by food advergames
Duration: 6 months
With: Frans Folkvord, Hans Hoeken

Project Title: Accepting the mantle of anger: Investigating the persuasive effects of anger expression in media messages
Duration: 6 months
With: Jonathan van ’t Riet, Gabi Schaap, Mariska Kleemans, Sophie Lecheler

Project Title: Investigating consciousness in reward pursuit: Comparing the effects of consciously and unconsciously perceived reward cues on human performance
Duration: 4 years
With: Claire Zedelius, Henk Aarts, Erik Bijleveld

Project title: Stopping automatic behaviour automatically: A new approach to changing unhealthy eating habits
Duration: 3 years
With: Henk Aarts, Wolfgang Stroebe, Guido van Koningsbruggen